Kate Williams

Kate Williams graduated from University College London with a B.A. (Hons). Following 16 years’ employment with another law firm, Kate joined Cobleys as Manager of the Business Litigation Unit in January 2005. She was subsequently appointed Practice Manager and in November 2010 was appointed as Chief Executive.

Kate performs a “hands on” role and manages resources, administration and operations, working with the Directors to assist them to fulfil their governance function and responsibilities. She oversees the effective delivery of a quality service and effective management, establishing goals for each department in partnership with department managers and the Directors.

Kate manages the human resources of the firm and builds trusting relations. She has a strong ability to organize effectively, delegate responsibility, solve problems quickly and communicate clearly. She gives advice for improvement and suggestions for solution and always shows a genuine interest with all who she works with.

Kate interfaces between Directors and Staff and gives direction and leadership towards the achievement of the firm’s philosophy, mission, strategy, and its annual goals and objectives.

Kate is proud to work with an enthusiastic, experienced and professional team, delivering a quality service to the firm’s clients.