Japanese Knotweed

At Cobleys, our specialist Japanese knotweed lawyers have successfully represented clients whose properties have been affected by Japanese knotweed.

Our solicitors are some of the leading experts in Japanese Knotweed Claims, as such we have been asked to advise the Government on the issues arising out of these complex cases. Cobleys Solicitors is the leading Japanese Knotweed firm in the country and have successfully gained compensation for a large number of clients.

Knotweed Help (knotweedhelp.com) is our dedicated Japanese knotweed solicitors website where you find a wealth of helpful, expert information specific to Japanese knotweed law and legal advice.

Discovering a Knotweed infestation can be an unpleasant and costly experience, leaving you with a financial burden that you could be saddled with for years, however, you might not be liable for all of these costs.

Whether you’ve just discovered your Knotweed infestation or you’ve been sitting on it for a while, we’ll able to accurately assess your financial risk and formulate a plan of action so that you can begin the process of removing it from your property and work on obtaining the costs from whoever is responsible.

We’re happy to offer guidance to property owners who’ve been affected by Japanese Knotweed. This includes obtaining costs and seeking compensation where necessary. We can put you in touch with accredited specialists who can safely eradicate the Knotweed from your property and give you the necessary paperwork to back it up.