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About Encrochat

Encrochat is a brand of high-security mobile phones that offer their users anonymity when sending and receiving any mobile communications. The phone, and the applications that come with it, boast highly sophisticated encryption technology that promises to give users complete control over the privacy of their messages and calls.

These phones, and its competitors, were initially developed as a way for high-earning individuals to secure peace of mind when using their phones. Key features of Encrochat products include dual operating systems, global use across 120 countries and security features that make erasing data as simple as sending a text or entering a password.

In Encrochat’s own words, using their device was intended to be ‘the same as talking between two people in an empty room’. They promised their clients ‘future privacy in order to remain satisfied’. Unfortunately, developments in 2020 suggested that this technology was not as air-tight as previously thought.

Encrochat: Compromised

June 2020 – Encrochat is hacked and its users are exposed

A message was sent out on June 12th 2020 to Encrochat users explaining that there had been a major breach stating:

‘Due to the level of sophistication of the attack and the malware code, we can no longer guarantee the security of your device. We took immediate action on our network by disabling connectivity to combat the attack.

You are advised to power off and physically dispose of your device immediately. Period of compromise was about 30 minutes and the best we can ascertain was about 50% of the carbon devices in Europe (due to the Updater schedule).”

A source from the encrypted phone industry made a statement to the media suggesting that numerous arrests were made off the back of this breach alone.

Within hours of the breach Police across the United Kingdom were engaged in search and arrest operations, which have resulted in a number of people appearing before the Courts with further arrests expected in the future.