Serious Fraud Office Investigations

Faced with an investigation by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) obtaining expert representation at the earliest opportunity is crucial.

Cobleys Solicitors have dealt with numerous cases both investigated by the SFO and those which have been charged and taken to court (for notable cases please see list below). These cases are one of the biggest areas of work for Cobleys and as such we are adept at how to deal with such investigations.

We pride ourselves on having the skills to negotiate with the SFO at the earliest opportunity to use all our legal knowledge to avoid a prosecution. If this proves impossible then you can rest assured that we will take a robust and dynamic approach to your defence with a team of highly skilled solicitors, paralegals and barristers working round the clock to secure your acquittal.

Such is the experience we have of cases prosecuted by the SFO our team can immediately identify any weaknesses in the case being brought and develop the best available strategy to exploit them.

For many individuals or companies the first they will be aware of an investigation is when their business or home premises is raided. In other cases it may be on the receipt of a Section 2 notice or other correspondence from the SFO.