Eric Williams

Eric Williams is the senior Director at Cobleys Solicitors Limited and has a National and growing International profile as a tenacious litigator in the fields of Business Crime and Regulation. Eric is Head of the Business Litigation Unit.

Eric’s no nonsense approach and forthright personality provide a backdrop to a discrete and clearly focused approach providing tactical support and advice throughout, to any individual or business that has been victim to government intervention.

Eric’s motto is “acquire, assimilate and achieve”.

Eric acquires cases by reputation and his network is of an international dimension. Eric is referred cases from professionals in the accountancy, insolvency and banking industries and Eric has and continues to represent clients in very high profile cases.

Eric heads a team of tenacious lawyers that have the ability to assimilate complex facts. Thereafter Eric sets in motion a fast response team that often includes other professionals such as accountants/tax experts, insolvency specialists and media contacts, both nationally and if necessary, internationally.

Since it’s inception some 20 years ago, the Business Litigation continues to achieve remarkable success, not only because of its results at court, but, also by the ability to engage and negotiate with government agencies very quickly, to avoid litigation in court. This can be an invaluable asset, particularly to the survival of a business.