Neil Cowdrey

Neil has over 35 years experience working in the criminal justice system.

He is a criminal legal clerk and a member of both our Crown Court and Business Litigation Departments. He is vastly experienced in the preparation of case files, for trials ranging from the most minor of offences to murder.

Neil has a keen eye for detail and is most effectively employed in complex cases where the evidence is considerable and complicated.

Over the years, he has worked on cases that have extended both nationally and internationally and he has dealt with judicial authorities in a number of European countries, when accessing and compiling evidence for those cases

Neil has considerable knowledge with regard to police powers and procedures and he is considered somewhat of an expert on PACE and search warrants in particular.

He is an amiable character with an ability to communicate with people at all levels and in the manner appropriate to the given circumstances. He is equally at home dealing with clients, colleagues, lawyers, barristers or forensic experts and has developed good working relationships with them all.

Neil is conscientious and hard working and will always go that extra mile if it is for the benefit of the client. As an example and through his dedication, he recently unearthed crucial CCTV footage in a high profile case, which had been missed by the prosecution team. This footage was ultimately a critical contributory factor, in the client’s acquittal.

Clients who instruct Neil can feel comfortable that he will do everything within his power to bring the best possible outcome to their case.