Edward Jones

Edward Jones is a Serious Organised Crime Specialist Caseworker at Cobleys Solicitors and the Crown Court Department Manager.  He is also a fully accredited Police Station Advisor and Duty Solicitor Representative.

He is one of Liverpool’s most respected Criminal Defence Caseworkers. He has a reputation for being professional, flawless, innovative and robust. His reputation has been earned during a career spanning over 40 years having worked for the practice since it was founded in 1983.

He has extensive knowledge and experience in representing clients in Police Stations and Courts all over the Country, who face the most serious allegations such as Murder, Rape, Manslaughter, Money Laundering, Drug importation, Conspiracy to supply drugs, Possession of drugs with intent to supply and Gangland murders

The most complex of cases are a daily routine to him.

He is at the forefront of Criminal Defence work and will often undertake forensic accounting, cell site analysis, mobile telephone evidence analysis with computer analysis and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition). His experience makes him an expert at working with and instructing experts drafted to the Defence team to ensure the client has the best possible defence.

He also has vast experience in dealing with Proceeds of Crime Act matters and Appeals against both conviction & sentence at the Court of Appeal. Edward has also represented clients who have been referred  by the Criminal Cases Review Commission to the Court of Appeal.

Notwithstanding his experience of serious complex crime, he still successfully represents people facing various allegations such as Theft, Robbery, Dangerous Driving, Fraud, Affray, Blackmail, serious Assaults and many more besides.

He is a caring, understanding and friendly person who is always ready to help his client, irrespective of how serious the allegations are.