Denise Davis

Denise Davis is vastly experienced in criminal law, having worked as a specialist defence case worker dealing with the most serious of cases for more years that she is prepared to commit to print. It would be indelicate to report when her career began.

Anybody who has had the privilege of working with Denise, be it a defendant having received a summons for a motoring offence, a defendant charged with murder, Queen’s Counsel, or a Professor in psychiatry, will be surprised to learn that her beginnings in criminal law were humble ones, starting out as a secretary. It is these humble roots that have made her the person and lawyer that she is today. Denise judges nobody and gives everyone of her clients unwavering support and total dedication.

Denise is known for her understanding of the client which is as important as understanding the law. Denise treats you as an individual, with every client receiving the same high standard of service. You will not  find a more motivated lawyer when it comes to seeing that justice is served.

Denise’s clients have remained loyal to her throughout her career, recommending her to family and friends. Denise brings a friendly and responsive approach to all your legal requirements.