Our family law team is experienced in handling divorce proceedings in a professional, strategic and sensitive manner. If the proceedings are not defended by your spouse, divorce proceedings can be a straightforward process and you may not need to attend court. Our family law team will advise and assist in ensuring matters are progressed and concluded in the correct way, with any financial terms being documented and approved by the court in a binding manner.


Upon the breakdown of a relationship, couples may struggle to agree their financial arrangements. This often has to be negotiated and sometimes it falls to the family court to make the decision. The court takes various matters into account when considering what order should be made in dividing the finances of a couple getting divorced. The aim of the court is to achieve fairness. Our family law team can advise and assist you through the process, highlighting for you the relevant considerations that the court is likely to take into account in your particular case. A decision by the court is always the last resort and we will at all stages attempt to negotiate the best settlement for you before the court is required to make a decision. If a settlement cannot be agreed, we will advise and represent you throughout the financial proceedings with a view to achieving the most favourable outcome from the court.


Separation agreements

If your relationship has broken down but you and your spouse/partner are not ready or willing to divorce; you are in agreement; and wish to resolve matters amicably, it is possible to document the agreement in a separation agreement. Separation agreements are not 100% binding, but will record that you are separated and outline any agreement reached about financial arrangements, any child care arrangements, and potentially how and when you will subsequently divorce. It is important that the agreement is prepared in the correct way and in appropriate circumstances. We can advise and assist you with this.

Separation disputes

We can advise and assist in relation to any dispute arising following your separation, either in terms of financial matters or child care arrangements.

Change of name

We can prepare a change of name deed for a fixed fee. We can also advise and assist you if you are seeking to change your child’s name.